Scouting and Intelligence

By continuously observing and analysing the shifts and external forces that are shaping the environment you operate in, we are here to inform your business decisions today so you are ready for tomorrow.

Industry research

Clear understanding of the industry and its perspective in the future enables you to make clever decisions and be ready to innovate.

Our aim is to help you to see the whole picture of the industry and the driving forces behind it by analysing situation in the market, technological advancements, spotting impactful trends and macro-environmental factors. 

The future belongs to businesses that will serve relevant products/services and will succeed to connect with its audience in pertinent ways. 

Our goal is to deliver strong insights and applicable ideas by defining the macro and micro trends in consumer behaviour, changes in culture and use of media.

Consumer research
Trend forecasting

Let’s talk trends, not fads. Pinpointing where people and businesses will shift next for the next few years helps to determine the potential of market and innovate smarter. 

Our mission is to give you an in-depth look to upcoming trends and where the opportunities for business will arise. 

Tech innovation

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and allows you to stay ahead of competition. 

Our aim is to brief you on the latest technological innovations by defining their impact for the businesses and developing use cases for your brand.